All about Pasta and Sauce

February 6, 2011 5:00 pm
February 6, 2011 8:00 pm
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Ger-Nis Culinary & Herb Center
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540 President St., Suite 2E, Brooklyn, NY, United States, 11215

There’s a reason everyone around the world knows and loves pasta. It’s a chef’s greatest canvas, eagerly awaiting a delicious sauce to blanket its hearty exterior. We’ll be making fresh, homemade pasta using easy flour and egg pasta dough recipes, kneading techniques to produce various results, and preparing classic pasta sauces along with some new favorites. Be prepared to see pastas of all shapes and sizes; we’re mixing it up! We’ll guide you toward making proper pasta and sauce pairings- this is not operation mix and match (certain pasta goes with certain sauce). At the end, you’ll have an understanding of how to use pasta making tools as well as by hand, whip up magical sauces, and be able to do it all on your own! Get your noodle going at Ger-Nis!

Recipes:Rigatoni Amitriciana; Spaghetti with Black Pepper and Pecorino; Wild Mushroom Ravioli with Thyme and Lemon Crusted Chicken

Class Type: Individual, hands-on cooking class

Class Notes: Learn to prepare pasta from scratch and what sauces to accompany them!

Tina DeGraff

Tina DeGraff, Ger-Nis Culinary & Herb Center Manager, is no stranger to working in the food world and in the span of her career she has traveled the country and worked at Michelin star restaurants in San Francisco and Los Angeles, along with notable restaurants in Washington DC. She has honed her skills working with highly acclaimed chefs in fine dining kitchens, both in savory and pastry. Deciding to step out of the fast paced kitchen culture, she now brings her talents to the classroom setting, teaching about healthy eating and mindful thinking when it comes to our diets. The kitchen is her favorite place to be besides lounging on the beach. When Tina isn’t cooking, she enjoys being in the outdoors, biking, running or hiking. Contact Tina

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