Spring Gravies and Sauces

April 20, 2011 6:30 pm
April 20, 2011 9:30 pm
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Ger-Nis Culinary and Herb Center
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540 President St., Suite 2E, Brooklyn, NY, United States, 11215

A sauce is to a dish as a blanket to a bed, adding an extra dimension in which to find satisfaction. There are few who would argue against pairing a good sauce to a main course dish, undeniably the perfect way to complete any meal. Whether you use it for dipping, to add an element of texture from smooth to chunky, or as a bed to rest the other components, it has a rounding out effect, closing the meal to complete wholeness. The great thing about making sauces and gravies are the mounds of ingredients at your disposal—herbs, spices, citrus, stocks, rich cream, and butter! Forget about roping off gravies and sauces to the holidays or restaurant meals; this spring is craving to be jazzed up to topnotch perfection! We’ll show you how to whip up some classics at home that’ll have your comrades in awe of your culinary creations!

Recipes:Watercress and Orange Zest puree; Blueberry and Shallot Agrodulce; Spring Garlic and Brown Butter Gravy; Strawberry, Rhubarb Sauce (Reduction for pork chop); Baby Arugula, Cashew and Garam Masala Pesto; Beet and Ruby Port Sauce with Seasonal Herbs

Class Type: Individual, hands-on cooking class

Class Notes: Become a master saucier with the help of Chef McDermott!

Brendan McDermott

Brendan McDermott is a New York City born chef currently living in Brooklyn with over ten years of culinary experience and has worked in great New York City restaurants like Mesa Grill, Olives, Patria and RM among others.
McDermott has also gained invaluable experience working at the French and Canadian Consulates, known restaurants Alta, and Porchetta, as well as an opportunity to apply his pastry skills at Sweets of New York. McDermott has spent the last several years teaching culinary techniques to others. New York Magazine recently named his Knife Skills Class at Brooklyn Kitchen “Best Cooking Class.” The tastemaker publication described it as, “A pleasingly laid-back and affordable option for home cooks who want to hone their skills…”
When describing his style McDermott admits, “I like my food like I like my music, bold and straightforward, but done correctly. Another aspect to McDermott’s style is his need for variety, and most, if not all of that need came from his upbringing in New York. “I grew up going to people’s houses that were Jamaican, Puerto Rican, Italian, and I was raised Irish and Polish, so it was everything. New York is kind of like a Cliff notes to the rest of the world. You have access to so many different ethnic foods, farmers markets and produce, and also herbs and spices from all over the world. You can go to Flushing and go to India or Korea, you can go to Sunset Park and go to Mexico, go to Flatbush and you’re in Jamaica. You have everything around and there’s always something new to learn.”

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