Spring Solo Cooking

June 30, 2011 6:30 pm
June 30, 2011 9:30 pm
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Ger-Nis Culinary & Herb Center
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540 President St., Suite 2E, Brooklyn, NY, United States, 11215

Whether you’re single, a workaholic, or just have a busy spouse and family, you are bound to find yourself home alone and hungry for a nice meal for one reason or another. Never fear, Ger-Nis is here to save you from grabbing for the take-out menu. While cooking for one can seem overwhelming and wasteful, not to mention time consuming and energy draining, and often a reminder of “aloneness”, it can actually improve your overall quality of life. Not only will you spend less money and hone in on new cooking skills, you’re making time for yourself to cater to your own needs and appreciate the food you’re eating. There’s no reason to let solo cooking bring you down or feel bad later about all of those leftovers. Learn simple tricks and techniques as well as shopping ideas and preserving tips to make gourmet, healthy, and delicious meals for one without waste or leftovers. You’ll see, too, how herbs are a wonderful way to transform simple staple ingredients into delicious meals by making them heartier, lighter, or completely exotic. Take the time to enjoy yourself and give yourself the attention and simple pleasures you deserve without too much hassle or cost!


Solo Brunch: Herbed Portabella Quiche, Spring Mixed Salad with Onion-Herbed Dressing

Solo Lunch: Tuscan Tuna & White Bean Sandwich, Spinach Salad with Mustard-Anchovy Vinaigrette

Solo Fish Dinner: Mackerel with Fennel, Olives, Herbs, & Lemon; Spring Potatoes

Solo Soup: Spring Carrot Soup with Cilantro-Lime Crème Fraiche

Cookies for One: Fresh Ginger-Whole Grain-Nutmeg Butter Cookies

Class Type: Individual, hands-on cooking class

Class Notes: Learn healthy, everyday tips for how to cook for one that make solo dining exciting

Nissa Pierson

Managing Director of Ger-Nis International, Nissa Pierson, is a firm believer in mastering food as art. A big fan of tarts both sweet and savory, she’s churned through crusts both wild and traditional, filling them with a blend of ingredients that could melt your heart. In addition to traveling the world seeking organic & fair-trade conversation for her business, she is a noted cooking instructor specializing in fresh herbs as well as an extremist in proving that the art of eating & cooking well is a relatively simple process. Besides being a passionate teacher of fresh herbs, organics and fair-trade, she enjoys spice of life, good conversation and debates, kickboxing, surfing, and submersing herself in the food and culture of the world. Contact Nissa

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