Ger-Nis Summer Social Club: Red Hook Water Museum: Waterfront Book Museum, Books, Tacos and Soccer

June 25, 2011 12:00 pm
June 25, 2011 4:00 pm
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Red Hool Water Museum
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290 Conover Street, Brooklyn, NY, United States, 11231

The Ger-Nis Summer Social Club is blowing in this summer, and what better way to catch the breeze than by the Red Hook Waterfront? A longtime source of inspiration for artists from all walks of life, a portal for businesses and a point by which to relax for residents, the waterfront makes for one of the best points at which to take in all of the borough, with a foggy mist that hangs low above the waters allowing the summer sun to peak and duck through for added interest. We’re checking out Red Hook Water Museum’s Book Festival for a day of maritime-related projects and music that aims to accentuate the reality that we live in a city surrounded by water while drawing attention to the subculture of folks who work on the waterfront! The Book Festival features the works of a ton of maritime writers from the borough, offering a multitude of eloquent perspectives on life by the water. After we’ve perused the shelves lined with passages on waves, fish, ships and more, we’ll wind down and cozy up to another major facet of the Red Hook scene- soccer games! What better way to relax to a neighborhood match then with tacos making their tasty journey into your belly? Social Club is urging all of you conscientious and pleasure-seeking foodies in the community to join forces to make waves on this action-packed day in Red Hook, taking in some of the borough’s most unique properties while getting to know one another…

*Ger-Nis Summer Social Club will meet at Red Hook Water Museum at 12:00 PM

Recipes Inspired By this Event: Summer Fruit Aguas Frescas

Class Type: Ger-Nis Summer Social Club

Class Notes: Only 15 spots for this Ger-Nis Summer Social Club!

Cost: Free!

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Genevieve Caron

One of our newest members of the Ger-Nis Culinary Team, hailing from Montreal and definitely adding a zest of French into our French farm country repertoire here at Ger-Nis. She runs the ins and outs of the classes for the center and is a highly organized person on top of great, great fun! You’ll see her riding around Brooklyn on her road bike… avoiding the subway whenever possible! On weekends she’s usually seeking sunshine and an intriguing snack worth of traveling to… or reading in a quiet shady spot, somewhere in the nooks of Brooklyn. She’s also a magnet for the food trucks and food markets around town. She will definitely be a heck of a food guide this summer while we social up around town! Contact Genevieve

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