The Brooklyn Artisanal Kitchen: Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

August 1, 2011 6:30 pm
August 1, 2011 8:00 pm
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Ger-Nis Culinary & Herb Center
540 President Street, suite 2E, Brooklyn, NY, United States, 11215

The Brooklyn Artisanal Kitchen Series provides the occasion to dig deep into the treasure chest of artisanal, local food gems our borough is famous for. Get to know the story behind these delicious goods from the creators that made them possible, absorbing the tales peppered by the passion playing the driving force behind their production! Ger-Nis’ Brooklyn Artisanal Kitchen series wouldn’t be complete without including the widely acclaimed phenomenon that is Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. With the infamous creamy retro-fitted mail trucks reborn as ice cream trucks, to the signature flavors from the globally recommended vanilla to the earl grey and ginger ice creams that are built on the creamiest base that homes not a trace of stabilizer, unnatural emulsifier or preservative. These ice creams have the power to electrify and pacify all of your taste buds in delightful unison. Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream has made quite the name for itself over the last few years since inception, noted as one the top ten places to eat ice cream in the nation by Bon Appetit to amazingly supportive reviews by Nina Planck, Gourmet, The New York Times and countless others. The brainchild behind these phenomenal cones, Ben Van Leeuwen, will be joining us to share with you his original vision for the way he felt ice cream should be- a pure, happiness-inducing delicacy built upon the best ingredients around. The ice creams use a custard base formed by nothing more than the freshest hormone-free milk obtained from personal farmer friends in upstate New York, farm fresh eggs and pure cane sugar. Learn about the process that goes into creating this outstanding ice cream, the stories behind the chocolate that makes its way from majestic French mountains and how this ice cream dream became a reality. Learn how to make your own ice cream from New York’s best source!

Recipes: Global Vanilla, Ginger Earl Grey

Class Type: The Brooklyn Artisanal Kitchen Series, hands-on & demo cooking class

Class Notes: Learn from the experts what real artisanal ice cream is all about!

Ben Van Leeuwen

Ben is one of those people that everyone who knows him proclaims as a dreamer, but it’s safe to say his dreams have found a home in reality, making his vision for Van Leeuwen Ice Cream grow from a single retro-fitted postal vehicle in Connecticut to a multi-store and truck operation in the big city of New York within a few short years. Ben graduated from the east coast’s Skidmore College with a degree in business, having made immeasurable strides in the culinary arts from nothing more than passion, ideals and a finely tuned palette. You can find him scooting around the city on a mission to fix a broken record player from one borough to another on one bike while carrying another bike over his shoulders probably with a banana in his bag that is ready to become a Van Leeuwen Signature Brooksy Split at any moment. Contact Ben

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