Russian Bath & Borscht

June 15th, 2011 § 1

There is no troupe more capable than the Ger-Nis Summer Social Club to take on the experience of Russian bath & borscht. This is one of the most sensational combos we can dream of- the cooling qualities of cold beet soup alongside the heated benefits of the Russian Bathhouse highlighting tactile and savory pleasures. We’ll enter the Russian bath room, wrapped in 20,000 pounds of rock slow-cooked overnight, and experience the unique type of heat that only emanates from truly penetrated stone. When the heat is more than you’ve asked for, turn to the bucket for solace, filling it with ice cold water and dumping it over your head like a true Russian. You’ll lie down for the platza treatment, low and behold the swath of oak leaves soaked in olive oil soap wacking you all about to release your pores, muscles and tension in an experience some call Jewish acupuncture. After this whirlwind eastern style spa, bath treatment, many report a uniquely fried sensation that brings them a sense of relaxed euphoria- what better way to adorn that blissful state than with a belly full of cooling borsch? When we’re beat from the heat, we’ll turn to the beet in all of its borscht-y glory. We’ll enjoy a cold, Russian borscht chockfull of that vivacious, beet red color (hopefully not the same color as your Russian bath face). Turn up the heat, then turn down the heat- have it all the Russian way. Bathe like a true Ger-Nis Summer Social Clubber, with all hands way, way in and one very close to a delicious meal!

*Class meets at Russian & Turkish Bath NY at 1:00

Recipes:Nissa’s Borscht

Class Type: Individual, hands-on cooking class

Class Notes: Only 15 spots for this Ger-Nis Summer Social Club, it’s going to be HOT and beety!

Nissa Pierson

Managing Director of Ger-Nis International, Nissa Pierson, is a firm believer in mastering food as art. A big fan of tarts both sweet and savory, she’s churned through crusts both wild and traditional, filling them with a blend of ingredients that could melt your heart. In addition to traveling the world seeking organic & fair-trade conversation for her business, she is a noted cooking instructor specializing in fresh herbs as well as an extremist in proving that the art of eating & cooking well is a relatively simple process. Besides being a passionate teacher of fresh herbs, organics and fair-trade, she enjoys spice of life, good conversation and debates, kickboxing, surfing, and submersing herself in the food and culture of the world. Contact Nissa

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