Brooklyn Conversations at the Stove: Burgers & BBQ with Dressler’s Polo Dobkin

July 31, 2011 3:00 pm
July 31, 2011 5:00 pm
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Ger-Nis Culinary & Herb Center
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540 President St., Suite 2E, Brooklyn, NY, United States, 11215

Ger-Nis’ new Conversations at Our Stove series charges forward this summer in full swing as we move into the Ger-Nis Summer BBQ Bonanza weekend. The series of classes, highlighting the best of our local chefs, who contain a unique style and flair in their cooking repertoire that we are simply in awe of and want to be closer to and more of! Dressler’s executive chef, Polo Dobkin, does not disappoint us this summer as he enters our kitchen and takes his position behind out stove, so he can share what he knows about BBQ & burgers. Dumont Burger, one of 3 restaurants that Polo leads on the Dressler’s list of accomplishments, is home to one of Brooklyn’s most coveted burger. The simplicity is really the key here, it is done so perfectly regardless of who you like it and what you want on it. We asked Polo to help us achieve this and he was game! We not only get to learn the tricks and trade of this skilled chef but we get to sit up close and work alongside him which is a rare thing for both chefs and patrons alike! Some come enter into our kitchen for our Brooklyn Conversations at the Stove, this time around the conversation is BBQ & Burger and Polo has a partner in crime for this one, his wife, Stephanie Lempert, who is professional artist but also does work as a mixologists and sommelier. She is showing us that Polo is not the only locavore in their family when she whips us up some currant cocktails from her local upstate NY neighbors bushes! This one will be one to remember, especially when we go to the BBQ Bonanza party right after! Don’t miss out!

Recipes: : Local Upstate NY Currant Cocktails, The Dumont Burger & Polo & Stephanie’s Fixin’s of Choice, BBQ Pulled Pork with Grilled Pineapple Salsa, DuMac & Cheese

Class Type: Ger-Nis Summer BBQ Bonanza Festival, Brooklyn Conversations at Our Stove, hands-on cooking class

Class Notes: Learn the secrets behind one of the best burgers the city has to offer and a few other tricks this highly acclaimed chef has for us as far as BBQ is concerned

Polo Dobkin

Born in Manhattan, Polo grew up in a family that loved to cook. His pursuits of the culinary for a career choice didn’t happen in the beginning and he was skeptical of the costs of such a career pursuit. He began his career first by volunteering once a week with the classes, at which was at that time Peter Krump’s (now the Institute of Culinary Education). He took classes for free and began to volunteer more than once a week, what soon turned into a 3-4 times a week volunteer gig, made him realize he should begin to pursue this as a serious career choice. From that point on he has been in some of the most prestigious kitchens and with some amazing mentors to boot. HE graduated from the French Culinary Institute in 2000. His time at the Screening Room, Gramarcy Tavern and the Dining Room, paved his way and earned him serious recognition as a leader in his profession. Dobkin has received a 2 star review from the NY Times for Dressler and consecutive Michelin Stars for Dressler as well. He is the recipient of many prestigious food awards such as the Food Arts Magazine’s Emergining Tastemaker Award in 2006 as well as he has been on the James Beard Best New York Chef’s list. He is currently the executive chef of Dresslers, Dumont & Dumont Burger. Contact Polo

Stephanie Lempert

Stephanie Lempert’s work concentrates on various systems of communication, both literal and invented. Lempert uses a wide variety of media including sculpture, photography and video. By focusing viewers on small moments, they discover that all is not as it appears at first glance. Often using humor, Lempert attempts to stimulate the viewer to go beyond what they recognize as reality by immersing them in a created environment. Lempert is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. Her work has been exhibited and collected domestically and internationally at establishments such as A.I.R. Gallery, Socrates Sculpture Park, The Armory Show, Art Basel Miami,Loop Art Fair,Lmak Projects, Stella Art Gallery, The Moscow World Fine Art Fair, and The 2006 New York Video Festival. Lempert is represented by the Claire Oliver Gallery in New York. She is also a professional sommelier & mixologists and you can currently find her in the Al di La Vino of Brooklyn.

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