Chinese Soups and Stews

January 21, 2012 3:00 pm
January 21, 2012 6:00 pm
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Ger-Nis Culinary & Herb Center
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540 President Street, Suite 2E, Brooklyn, NY, United States, 11215

With winter fast approaching, what better way to combat the chill than with a nourishing bowl of soup or a hearty stew? For many people, a hearty winter stew also means a heavy dish loaded with meat and carbohydrates – definitely soothing and warming but it may also go against your New Year’s resolution to try and eat lighter and healthier. But fear not. Winter soups and stews don’t necessarily have to include such rich and weighty ingredients. Many Asian cuisines incorporate more vegetables and lighter fare, such as fish and tofu, into dishes that still manage to provide warmth and comfort against the winter chill. Join Wai Chu, co-author of The Dumpling: A Seasonal Guide, for a unique look at some Chinese soups and stews that are sure to warm your spirits and satisfy your belly. In our class, Chinese Soups and Stews, you’ll use high quality, sustainably produced ingredients as you explore the culinary traditions of the Far East. You’ll also learn to make and assemble a traditional Cantonese hot pot, which includes a variety of vegetables, meats, dumplings, and more. After this class you’ll have all the info you need to put together warming Asian dishes that still avoid the heavy, high calorie aspect of many cold weather dishes./p>

Recipes: Lotus Root and Adzuki Bean Soup; Fish and Tofu Casserole; Braised Beef Shank with Chestnuts and Black Mushrooms; Cantonese Hot Pot with an Assortment of Meat, Vegetables, Dumplings and Noodles

Class Type: Local Chef

Class Notes: Join us as we clean and fresh Chinese soups to warm us in the winter months!

Wai Hon Chu

Wai Hon Chu is a cooking instructor and co-author of The Dumpling: A Seasonal Guide, published by HarperCollins in October 2009. The book includes over 130 traditional recipes, many of them are vegetarian or vegan. Previously, he was the owner and chef of El Eden Chocolates, makers of handcrafted chocolates in New York’s East Village. He currently teaches a variety of cooking classes at the Institute of Culinary Education, The Natural Gourmet Institute, and the Whole Foods Market Bowery Culinary Center.Contact Wai

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