An Everlasting Meal with Tamar Adler: How to Catch Your Tail

February 23, 2012 6:30 pm
February 23, 2012 9:00 pm
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Ger-Nis Culinary and Herb Center
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540 President Street, Suite 2E, Brooklyn, NY, United States, 11215

The Everlasting Meal Cooking Series is a series of classes based on Tamar Adler’s An Everlasting Meal, a practical, poetic guide for home cooks. In the book’s foreword, Tamar’s mentor, Alice Waters writes of the cook:

She has an instinctive gift for cooking, an almost effortless way of creating meals—and as I quickly learned, she is an extraordinary writer: tremendously talented, with an unswerving commitment to the philosophy of honest food. How rare and wonderful it is to have a book grounded in instinct, prompting the reader to examine the world around him or herself differently, allowing cooking to become a continuous, integrative process that flows from meal to meal.

In this four class series, Tamar will teach the fundamental skills and outlooks that allow cooking to become instinctual. Each class is grounded in one technique, but with a pronounced emphasis on understanding different applications, substitutions, and the reasons for everything.

A signed book is included in the price of the series, as are guest appearances from local chefs!

Class One: How To Boil Water
In An Everlasting Meal, Tamar says that soup is “the perfect place for things to get picked up and left off.” She insists that you can always make a delicious soup from whatever you have in your kitchen. In this class you learn how. Tamar will teach the principles behind making pureed vegetables soups (potages), brothy soups, and bread soups, along with ideas for turning each into a heartier meal. You will leave with a new sense of soup intuition!

Class Two: How to Stride Ahead
One of our favorite chapters in An Everlasting Meal, “How to Stride Ahead,” recommends shopping at the farmers’ market—or wherever you can get the leafiest, stemmiest vegetables—and then taking a little time to roast them all at once when you get home from the market. Tamar will teach the chapter’s main points in this hands-on class: the importance of not being shy with olive oil, salt, and heat in roasting; the wonders of room temperature roasted vegetables; and the small transformations you can make to what you have left each day—vinaigrette, toasted breadcrumbs, use as a pasta sauce—so that you get a whole week’s worth of meals from one day’s shopping and roasting. Using all your vegetables will no longer seem a daunting task after this class.

Class Three: How to Teach an Egg to Fly
The egg is both the most familiar and most mysterious ingredient in our kitchens. In An Everlasting Meal we learn “How to Teach an Egg to Fly.” In this class, learn not just how to poach eggs, and softly scramble them, and make omelets, and frittatas, but how to use eggs to turn anything else into dinner—where a halved soft-boiled egg is the missing piece; and how an egg quickly cracked onto tomato sauce becomes a version of the Middle Eastern specialty, shakshouka. We are beyond egg-cited for this class!

Class Four: How to Catch Your Tail
What really makes meals “everlasting?” It’s being able to use the very last bit of everything you buy, and turning the end of one meal into the beginning of the next. In this unconventional class, learn what to do with the stems from greens and herbs that often get thrown away. Learn how to make delicious bread salad with stale bread, Thai fried rice with dry, day-old rice, a perky salsa from the last few olives in the house. You will spot a new vision of riches when you look in your cupboard upon arriving home form this class!

Recipes:Recipes are not the idea behind this class; this class is designed to give us intuition in the kitchen from one of the most talented ladies in the business! If you have dietary restrictions please e-mail us for more details on the exact ingredients being used.

Class Type: Local Chefs, Artisans & Farmers

Class Notes: Take home a copy of this amazing book as we learn the most practical ways of cooking with great ease and joy. Be on the lookout for surprise guest appearances from local chefs!

Tamar Adler

Tamar Adler is the author of the recently released “An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace.” (Scribner, October 2011) She is a former editor of Harper’s Magazine, the founding head chef of Farm 255 in Athens, Georgia, and cooked at Chez Panisse from 2007-2009. Her writing has appeared in Harper’s Magazine, The New Leader, Mother Jones,, Gilt Taste, the Atlantic, and Fine Cooking. Tamar comes from a family of cooks: her New York-based mother is a personal chef and brother is chef at Franny’s. Tamar lives in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. Contact Tamar

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