Satay: Skewered Meat with Heat

March 10, 2013 1:00 pm
March 10, 2013 4:00 pm
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Ger-Nis Culinary & Herb Center (High Falls)
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643 Berme Road, High Falls, NY, United States, 12440

Satay (marinated, skewered and grilled meat) proves itself as a dish that everyone incites cravings over, making people swoon each time it’s pulled out of the magic bag of culinary tricks. With its juicy, rich texture and heavenly spiced nuances, it’s a sultry number that sums up a unanimously intriguing effect. You’ll learn the most coveted marinating, seasoning and cooking skills along with discovering through experience the joys of teething perfect meat off of a skewer. Much of these satay culinary longings have reached us from the Asian continent, which is why we see these sticked wonders amplifying the spiciest and zestiest flavors from the Asian world. We will not only guide you through the process of creating these wonders but we will instill the simplest and most exuberant of dipping sauces, marinades and seasonings that accompany these –meat vehicles. It’s high time to insert these same hella-satisfying techniques in our culinary repertoires, finding satisfaction in our abilities to satisfy ourselves and our own flavorful needs. Marinated meat that reaches the heavens comes from a learned application of preparing ingredients in a way that comes from the heart of flavor and spice. In this class, you’ll experience a new way of approaching the method of sataying meats in a way that screams pleasure. We will be using the amazing meats from our Brooklyn and upstate neighbors, Fleisher’s!

Recipes: Ginger-Lime Basil Coolers, Pickled Ginger Red Onion Cucumbers, Spicy Indonesian Chicken Satay, Tamarind Beef Satay with Hot & Cold Cucumber Mint Sauce, Ginger Lime Shrimp Satay with Chili Honey Sambal Thai Basil Chili Tofu Satay with Mild Peanut Sauce, Firey Pork Satay, with Herbal Sambal Belecan and Sweetfire Sambal Kecap

Class Type: Individual

Class Notes: Learn traditional and modern ideas for bringing Indonesia’s national dish into your own kitchen! Gentle palettes are not invited, this class is spicy! Leave with your own jar of our house made Spicy Sambal sauce.

Nissa Pierson

Managing Director the Ger-Nis Culinary & Herb Center in Park Slope, Brooklyn, Nissa Pierson, is the utmost of a food enthusiast in the kitchen. Pierson began her food journey as a child in Central America later to open Ger-Nis International LLC, a fair-trade, organic fruit & vegetable distribution company with an emphasis on fresh herbs. To further her desire to teach others about healthy living and eating, Pierson opened the Ger-Nis Culinary & Herb, specializing in a wide range of recreational cooking and educational classes for adults and children; promoting healthy eating and living habits through hands on and lecture style classroom environments. She is fully committed to the community, as well as the planet, focusing on the entire cooking and eating process, from grower to “cooker.” In addition to traveling the world seeking organic and fair-trade conversation for her business, she is a noted cooking instructor focusing on fresh herbs as well as an extremist in proving that the art of eating and cooking well is a relatively simple process and just takes enthusiasm and some tidbits of knowledge. She has specialized in children’s cooking classes for many years and believes children are seeking better food knowledge and is always up for the challenge. Besides being a passionate teacher of fresh herbs, organics and fair-trade, she enjoys spice (in food and life), good conversation and debates, kickboxing, the ocean and surfing, and submersing herself in the food and culture of the world. She loves solving problems and turning lemons into lemonade. Contact Nissa

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