Art of the Artichoke

April 21, 2013
iCal Import
Ger-Nis Culinary & Herb Center (High Falls)
643 Berme Rd, High Falls, NY, United States, 12240

There’s a reason this class asserts mastering the artichoke as an art form. Without the right technique, the entire procedure can seem like a nightmare in the same manner as picking away at an ice sculpture without first deciding upon the proper approach! The artichoke is one of the oldest foods known to mankind. There are so many parts to this delicious spring vegetable and so many kinds available, from baby artichokes to globe and purple, to suit many different culinary uses, adding flavor, texture, and mystique to your spring dishes! Turns out you can even serve them whole with stems attached, with the proper trimming techniques used to get the tough parts out. You’ll learn to prepare artichoke leaves and how to reach the coveted heart inside! Come learn how to make the best use of this tasty spring treat and master the techniques used to make them shine including how to break them down neatly and different approaches to preparing them be it Italian, Mediterranean, Jewish style, or like a Californian. Leave this class an artichoke artiste!

Recipes: Cynar Manhattans with Sugared Artichoke Leaves, Stuffed Artichokes; Shaved Artichoke  Salad, Grilled Baby Artichokes with Lemon & Herb Pesto Drizzle; Artichoke Farroto with Peas & Pancetta; Jewish Style Deep Fried Artichoke Flowers; Artichoke Hearts &  Leaves with Lemon Aoili

Class Type: Seasonal, hands-on cooking class

Class Notes: Learn how to turn and clean the intimidating artichoke!

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