Baking & Breaking Bread, A Workshop for Beginners

December 9, 2018 11:00 am
December 9, 2018 3:30 pm
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271 Poplar Rd, Bolinas, CA, United States, 94924

Most everyone loves bread, but bread baking can be intimidating. If you dream of becoming an advanced and respected bread-maker, gaining confidence in the art of baking bread is the first step.

In this class we commit to a full four hours, where we will not only make breads from scratch kneading, proofing and scoring them and then baking them using a bevy of differing techniques, but we will revel in the very important art of breaking bread with each other while some breads bake and rise. We will share and swap bread baking stories and tips.

We will learn 5 foolproof breads that will give your bread making repertoire the basics it needs. You will learn some of the most basic bread-making skills that should you veer off into the advanced bread baking journey, you will surely need.

As per our usual style you’ll learn tips and tricks and surely, we will see some failures as is part of life and cooking. Those failures teach us invaluable lessons, as we are all too well aware.

We will make some local, seasonal butters and jams in which to taste our breads. Warm herbal (winter garden) teas will be served as well.

Recipes: Rosemary Garlic Focaccia, Ciabatta Sandwich Rolls, Nissa’s Herbal & Grainy Peasant Bread, Fresh Baquettes
Class Type: Individual, hands on class
Class Notes: Bring home bread!

Nissa Pierson

Nissa Pierson is a noted herb expert and founder of Ger-Nis Culinary & Herb Center. A cooking instructor, food writer and recipe developer with over 20 years experience, she specializes in sustainable, organic, fair-trade and local produce. Though mostly self-trained as a chef, Nissa has also been taught by women in rural kitchens all over the globe. Originally from Central America, she travels in search of food and cultural knowledge, working worldwide with small growers and produce markets in her daily parallel career in organic agriculture. Her international consulting business and culinary artistry emphasize farmers and the communities in which food is produced. Fresh herbs have become a staple of Nissa’s cooking endeavors and a symbol of her creative spirit. This creativity in the kitchen is a direct result of the openness with which she approaches the world. She puts a great deal of time and attention towards teaching children to cook and has developed a kid-centric curriculum fueled by ease and joy.In addition to traveling the world seeking fresh herb conversations, her current focus is on consumer culinary education for organic mangoes. Find her Under The Mango Tree.

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