Russian Pelmeni; Cooking Up Culture, Bolinas After School Program

April 30, 2019 3:30 pm
April 30, 2019 5:00 pm
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Ger-Nis Culinary & Herb Center
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271 Poplar Rd., Bolinas, CA, United States, 94924

This year with the Bolinas after school program we embark on the discovery and celebration of global cuisines. Learning flavors, ingredients and techniques of the world while we try to understand how culture, access to ingredients and even politics can shape the foods we eat.

In the winers in Russia it was typical to make pelmeni at the onset of the frozen winter and store them buried in the snow, all season long.  Today we can mimic this tradition with our freezer and there is nothing quite like the simplicity of boiling a few pre-made dumplings and serving them up with butter and sour cream and of course with a few fresh herbs atop.  Pelmeni, which translates to little ear, are traditionally filled with uncooked ground beef or pork and have a unique crescent shape with the “tails” tucked into each other. The dumplings are rather simple and flavored with herbs and onions and served with butter or sour cream and sometimes sauerkraut or pickled beets.

Recipes: Beef & Pork Pelmini with Butter, Sour Cream and Herbs, Pickled Beets and Frozen Cherry Soda

Class Type: Bolinas After School Program, middle school, hands-on cooking class

Class Notes: How many dumplings can you gobble up after school?

Nissa Pierson

Founder of Ger-Nis, Nissa Pierson, is always looking how to cook and eat well remain lazy sometimes! Her latest quest is the almighty Pho and it turns out to be much easier than most would expect. She is pleased to share her years of hard work perfecting this dish and show you how easy and quick it is to make. Bubble Tea was a new quest for her, but she rose to the challenge as she will demonstrate in class! In addition to running Ger-Nis Nissa is a long time culinary instructor specializing fresh herbs. Besides being a passionate teacher of fresh herbs, organics and fair-trade, she enjoys spice (in her food and in her life), good conversation and debates, kickboxing, the ocean  and submersing herself in the food and culture of the world. Contact Nissa