Healthy, Economical Mac & Cheese, A Bolinas Family Class

January 24, 2020 5:30 pm
January 24, 2020 7:30 pm
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271 Poplar Rd., Bolinas, CA, United States, 94924

*All payments are made at the event, but all class participants (5 and older) MUST sign up for the class in advance, space is limited. The tickets on EVENTBRITE say free but the prices at the bottom apply to e paid directly at the class! Kids 5 and under free.

As part of our Bolinas School district cooking class program, this season we are offering family classes.  Family classes offer a unique opportunity for families to share in the creative learning process of cooking together as a community. Working together to create healthy meals, the group learns how to work cooperatively with one another while having loads of fun. Family cooking classes offer a new and exciting way to foster family and community pride! In these classes we learn about food and cooking and each other.  What we see unfold in the kitchen when families and communities cook together is magical!

Almost all kids and all families love mac and cheese, it’s an American classic through and through. In the midst of a world where so many have wandered far off the path of the homemade “real cheese” variety, opting instead for the heavily processed, powdered versions fed to us by the heavy hitters and money makers of the processed food world, we can still say “Yes!” to homemade deliciousness and “Pass” to the under nourishing, overhyped bore of the boxed variety.  In this class we offer something for the entire family. Economical recipes that family grocery buyer loves, healthy options so we all grow well and pay homage to our local bounties and mix and match flavoring options so each family member’s palette is respected and their bellies filled and nourished with the comforting nature of baked noodles. We even offer a few dairy free versions incase you need that too. Healthy whole ingredients is what we will use, in simple to make, quick to get on the table, priced right options for the family.

Class welcomes all Bolinas families! If you don’t have kids of your own, take the opportunity to invite one of your friends or neighbors’ kids and treat them to some food and fun!

Everyone MUST register for the class online, even if you pay at the event or have a scholarship from the school! Click the link for tickets that applies to you and register!

  • Bolinas School Scholarship Tickets – Talk to Janis!
  • Pay at Event Tickets – $25
  • Donation Based – Whatever you can pay up to $25

Recipes:  Apple & Red Kuri Squash Soup Mac & Cheese ( Dairy & Dairy Free Versions), Chicken-Chipotle Mac N’ Cheese; Winter Herb Gourmet Macaroni N’ Cheese, Make Your Own Ramekin Mac & Cheese (Dairy & Dairy Free Versions) Fresh Orange Soda

Class Type: Hands on family and community class

Class Notes: Learn to make healthy economical mac and cheese along side your family!

Nissa Pierson

Noted Herb Expert and founder of Ger-Nis Culinary & Herb Center, Nissa Pierson, is a food enthusiast in the kitchen and wants to share her love of food with kids of all ages through the “Kids in the Kitchen” program at the Culinary & Herb Center. In addition to traveling the world seeking fresh herb conversation for her business, she is a noted cooking instructor specializing in fresh herbs as well as passionate in proving that the art of eating and cooking well is a relatively simple process that takes only enthusiasm and some tid-bits of knowledge. Besides being a passionate teacher of fresh herbs, organics and Fair-trade, she enjoys good conversation and debates, yoga, the ocean and submerging herself in the food and culture of the world. Contact Nissa